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Key Yoga Teachings

Key Yoga Teachings
from Self-Knowledge Journal

Adhyatma Yoga is an ancient, traditional path to fulfilment of the supreme human potential. It embraces the truth at the heart of all the great religions, and the highest flights of art and science.

Key points in the Yoga teachings are illuminated by the following articles, all of which have appeared in Self-Knowledge Journal.

Adhyatma Yoga The Yoga of the highest Self

Advaita Vedanta The traditional philosophy of non-duality

OM The Word of Power

Bhagavad Gita The complete Yogic scripture

God Alone is Real The Non-dual Understanding

Meditation The Key to Achievement

Non-duality Another statement of the Advaita principle

The Upanishads Supreme scriptures of the non-dual tradition

Shri Shankara The great philosopher-saint of non-duality

Shri Dada The Saint Universal