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Shankara Source Book Complete Set
Compiled by A.J.Alston
A definitive compilation of key passages from Shri Shankara, arranged by topic in six volumes.
This work brings together the main texts of Shankara, freshly translated and grouped systematically into topics. Each section is introduced by a passage of explanation, and the notes aim to serve both the specialist and the general reader.

'An important landmark in the study of Vedanta in general and Shankara in particular... It goes to the credit of Dr Alston to strike out a way through a wide range of text commentaries to produce this erudite and admirably readable volume.'
Prof. K.S.Ramakrishna Rao, Prabuddha Bharata

'..a very substantial contribution. His writing is lucid; he gets to the essence of the major doctrines without undue jargon; he has a keen sensitivity to the philosophical issues and problems in the Indian context... and his own judgements are balanced and wise... One can, I think, judge (his) project to be very successful indeed.'
Eliot Deutsch, University of Hawaii Numen

'The Upanishadic sages broke through to a realization of the transcendence of the Absolute. They knew that as a result of a suitable discipline it could be apprehended in immediate intuition.'
2149 pages, paperback in 6 vols, ISBN 978-0-85424-061-6

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