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All publications from Shanti Sadan are available for order on-line.

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The publications contain pure and authoritative teachings on Advaita Vedanta (the non-dual understanding of the spiritual classics) and Adhyatma Yoga (the traditional means to Self-realization).

Covers of Shanti Sadan books

The range includes translations of classic texts with commentaries, books on meditation and other spiritual practices, the lives of great Yogis, mystical poetry, non-dual philosophy, and original works by Hari Prasad Shastri and some of his pupils.

Hari Prasad Shastri had a wide knowledge of Eastern and Western culture as well as having confirmed the spiritual teachings. His writings on the traditional wisdom are both completely reliable and highly approachable for modern readers.

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Some of the books are available as ebooks. These are shown in the titles list. If you have ordered ebooks they can be downloaded from the ebooklibrary. Once an ebook has been purchased it can be downloaded as a .mobi file for Kindles and Kindle apps, and .epub for other ereaders including iBooks.

Printed books are available to resellers on these terms.

If you are browsing and wondering where to start, these suggestions may be of interest:

Awakening to Self-Knowledge
The principles and affirmations at the heart of the non-dual teachings and practice.
Heart of the Eastern Mystical Teaching
The essence of non-duality as expressed in the life and teachings of a God-realized Saint who lived as an ordinary man among the people of northern India.
Meditation - Its Theory and Practice
Clear directions on spiritual practices that everyone can try.
Training the Mind through Yoga
Insights that turn all of life into a school of real spirituality.
Yoga for the Modern World
How the traditional wisdom relates to the best of Western culture.

These are some of the books by subject:

Meditation and Spiritual Practice
Awakening to Self-Knowledge Meditation its Theory and Practice
Short Course of Meditation
Training the Mind through Yoga

Non-dual Philosophy
Crest Jewel of Wisdom
Realization of the Absolute
Shankara Source Book
Thousand Teachings of Shankara

Yoga texts translated with commentaries by H P Shastri
Crest Jewel of Wisdom
Direct Experience of Reality
Philosophy of Love

Spiritual Classics translated by H P Shastri
Ramayana of Valmiki
Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita
World Within the Mind
Verses from the Upanishads
Ashtavakra Gita
Avadhuta Gita

Original Works by Hari Prasad Shastri
Heart of the Eastern Mystical Teaching
Wisdom from the East
Meditation its Theory and Practice
Search for a Guru

Lives and Teachings of Great Yogis
Heart of the Eastern Mystical Teaching
Scientist and Mahatma (Swami Rama Tirtha)

Western Culture and the Yoga
Freedom through Self-Realisation
Yoga for the Modern World
Spiritual Awakening of Science

Divine Sports of Krishna
Indian Mystic Verse
In Search of Hafiz
Songs of Enlightenment